What is D9, Also Known As Delta 9 THC

Do you know what D9, or Delta 9 THC is? You probably know that it’s a component that’s found in marijuana. You would be right in that assumption as well, but what do you actually know about Delta 9?

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol is the full name of Delta 9 THC. Guess we know what THC stands for now, if we didn’t already. What is it though? It’s the cannabinoid that’s found within marijuana that contains all of the psychoactive traits.

Delta 9 is actually what causes marijuana to be illegal, because of the psychoactive traits that the strain of THC has. Funny enough, that’s also why people from all over desire to have Delta 9.


Is Delta 9 Legal Or Illegal?

Yes, I understand that I just said D9 is the reason that marijuana is illegal, and it is. That much is definitely true. However, there are some gray areas on the matter.

First of all, some states actually have authorized the use of legalized medical marijuana. A few states have even authorized the use of recreational marijuana too! We are living in the good days folks!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many states doing this. It’s also not as easy as you might think that it would be to get your medical marijuana card. Just because it’s legalized, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be so easy to obtain. It’s still a process and then some.

However, is there another way that can allow for D9 to be legal, so that it would easily available to everyone? There is, but in a different way than you might be thinking.

You’ve heard of CBD, I am fairly certain of that. You can’t go hardly anywhere without there being CBD for sale. CBD is made from hemp flower, and not the cannabis flower. It’s pretty great, but we’re not hear to talk about how amazing CBD is.

In order for CBD to be able to be manufactured and produced LEGALLY, they passed a Farm Bill. It states that CBD can only contain up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less.

That’s not a whole lot of D9, I know. I promise, this isn’t JUST what I meant when I said there’s a way for it to be legal for mostly everyone. This is what gives us an a back door opening in this subject.

This is where things become possible for us. Magic begins to happen right here. Delta 9 that’s been made from hemp is legal folks! Yes, that is correct. Read it again if you need to.


How Can Delta 9 THC Be Legal?

You see, Delta 9 THC that is made from hemp is legal. It’s made from hemp flower, and still stays compliant with the Farm Bill when it is being made.

The whole 0.3% thing, yes, that. It might not sound like a lot, but if you know how to take advantage of this legal D9 form, and use what is stated in the Farm Bill to fit what you need it to, then you have the recipe for success.

This is what a lot of companies have done too. The size is what makes all of the difference here. It can only contain 0.3% of D9 on a dry weight basis, and that’s fine. Companies have figured out how to make a decent MG version of LEGAL Delta 9 gummies to sale, that only has 0.3% of D9 on the dry weight basis.


How Can I Find The Legal Version Of Delta 9?

If you’re looking for this hemp produced Delta 9, it’s actually not really that hard to find. It’s much easier than you would think. This legal form of Delta 9 is able to bought and sold in every state that allows CBD and hemp to be sold. They’re all made the same way, from hemp.

These products are legal to purchase all over the United States. In nearly all 50 states, but not quite. Make sure that you do yourself a favor, and figure out what the laws for your state are.

If you live in a state where it is legal at, and chances are probable that you do, then you have a couple options available at finding hemp produced Delta 9. It’s kind of cool that you can actually find it in stores near you sometimes.

Where can you find this at? Some local gas stations and tobacco stores will carry these products. It’s always great when your local ones do, because it’s right there beside you. It’s easily accessible. They probably won’t have a big selection to choose from when it comes to your legal Delta 9 though.

Your best option at finding an in store place with options to choose from when it comes to the legal form of Delta 9 would be a store that specializes in selling ONLY CBD products. These stores would come more likely to have more of a variety to choose from than your local gas stations or etc.

Those are great options for going in store to find D9, but sometimes you would rather just shop online. You can actually order this Farm Bill compliant Delta 9 online, how cool is that? This allows for your biggest selection and variety to choose from, when it comes to finding just what you’re wanting.


Some Great Brands Of Delta 9

I have done a little research ahead of time, and have found a few companies, or brands, that make some amazing hemp produced Delta 9 gummies. They’re legit pretty amazing. I highly suggest that you keep these in mind when you go to order any for yourself, because these are some that you’re going to want to try out for yourself!

  • 1. Mr Hempflower
  • 2. Exhale
  • 3. Extrax
  • 4. Hometown Hero

It’s now your turn to find what you like best, and to give stuff the legal Delta 9 try.

Great Delta 9 THC Brands