The 411 On Delta 9 THC

Everyone desires to have a little Delta 9 THC in their life, but can everyone say that they actually know what it is? No, they can’t. I’m going to make sure that you at least have the understanding of what Delta 9 THC, also known as D9, is.

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol is the big name for D9. It’s a cannabinoid that is found within marijuana, but I’m sure you knew that.

What makes Delta 9 so special though? Why does everyone long to have Delta 9 in their life? That’s really an easy question. It’s the psychoactive traits that this strain of cannabinoid has. That’s why everyone wants some D9.

Here’s the catch, even though Delta 9 THC is super popular because it has these psychoactive traits, this is actually the grounds on why it’s illegal. I super dislike that I even have to type that out, but that’s the truth of it.


Is Delta 9 Legal Or Illegal?

I know that I just stated above that D9 is illegal, and it mostly is. That wasn’t a lie. The Delta 9 THC strain is illegal, but it’s also what makes marijuana, marijuana.

There are some states that have actually legalized the use of medical marijuana now, which is fantastic! Even better is that a couple states have outright legalized the use of recreational marijuana. What a time to be alive!

It’s not like this for everywhere though. Only a handful of states really have done this. Medical marijuana being on the table is wonderful, but getting approved for a medical card isn’t as easy as just snapping your fingers. It can be a tiresome process.

You might be thinking, is there any other way that D9 could be legal? The short answer is yes, but let me explain how this is can be so.


How Can Delta 9 Be Legal?

As you know, the production of hemp and CBD is federally legal and allowed to happen. I don’t have to explain what they are. I’m sure you know of CBD. It’s made from hemp, and has NO psychoactive traits that marijuana has.

The Farm Bill that allows for hemp and CBD to be manufactured states that there has to be no more than 0.3% of D9 inside of the CBD. That’s not much Delta 9 THC at all, I get it. This isn’t what I was talking about, however, this is what gives us an opening.

What kind of opening does this give us? Well, let’s see. In order to be federally legal, and Farm Bill compliant, then the CBD that is manufactured can only contain up to 0.3% of D9 or less, in its dry weight form.

That might not sound like a lot, but if you know how to take that, and use it to your advantage, then you’re able to produce LEGAL Delta 9 gummies. How is this? In this form, the Delta 9 is being produced from hemp, and not marijuana. It will still have the psychoactive traits, since it is D9 after all.

The part that allows LEGAL, hemp produced Delta 9 gummies to be made is the fact that so long as only 0.3% of its dry weight is D9, then it’s Farm Bill compliant. You just have to size it up is all. Pretty amazing, huh?


Where Is Hemp Sourced D9 Legal At?

Since the legal version of Delta 9 is made the same way as CBD, it is legal in all of the states where CBD is allowed to be sold at. That’s pretty great, especially since CBD is legally sold in most of the US.

Not all 50 states allow it though, so you’re probably going to want to check what your state laws are on it. Here is a current list of where it’s legal, and isn’t legal at.


Delta 9 Gummies Are Legal In These States:

  • 1. Missouri
  • 2. Delaware
  • 3. Arizona
  • 4. Massachusetts
  • 5. Colorado
  • 6. Arkansas
  • 7. Maryland
  • 8. Illinois
  • 9. Connecticut
  • 10. Alabama
  • 11. Maine
  • 12. Florida
  • 13. Louisiana
  • 14. Indiana
  • 15. Kentucky
  • 16. Michigan
  • 17. Utah
  • 18. New Mexico
  • 19. South Carolina
  • 20. Montana
  • 21. Texas
  • 22. Ohio
  • 23. Nebraska
  • 24. Rhode Island
  • 25. New Jersey
  • 26. Oklahoma
  • 27. Tennessee
  • 28. North Carolina
  • 29. Pennsylvania
  • 30. Oregon
  • 31. West Virginia
  • 32. Vermont
  • 33. North Dakota
  • 34. Wyoming
  • 35. Virginia
  • 36. Nevada
  • 37. Wisconsin


States Where Legal Delta 9 Gummies Has Restrictions:

  • 1. Washington
  • 2. New Jersey
  • 3. New York
  • 4. California
  • 5. Minnesota
  • 6. Georgia
  • 7. Mississippi
  • 8. New Hampshire
  • 9. Hawaii
  • 10. South Dakota


Delta 9 Gummies Are NOT Legal In These States:

  • 1. Kansas
  • 2. Iowa
  • 3. Alaska
  • 4. Idaho


Where Can You Find Legal Delta 9 Gummies?

You’re able to see what states allow what now. Although, if you live in one of 10 states that has restrictions in place then you need to look up the laws for your state.

There are a few different ways that you can find, and buy, hemp produced D9 gummies. Your local gas stations and tobacco stores might sell them, if you’re lucky. You’re best chance at finding them in a store would probably be at a store that specializes in selling CBD only stuff. They do have these kind of stores.

If there isn’t a CBD store near you, or might be that you would just prefer to do this to begin with, then you can always just order Delta 9 gummies online, easy as that. They’re available for you to purchase online.

So, what’s keeping you from making an order?

The Legality Of Delta 9 THC